System Integration

The RxAnytime fulfillment system Kiosk integrates with the pharmacy’s PoS and inventory systems. The HIPPA-compliant system stores and delivers pharmacy filled prescriptions and fulfills the order delivery essentially under command of the pharmacy’s existing order processing system.

The pharmacy continues to handle all customer data; the fulfillment system accepts filled prescriptions from the pharmacist or pharmacy technician and safely stores the prescription in our storage systems. If the pharmacy network does not have a customer notification system, we will use our notification system, once the customer provides the preferred notification method.  Then when a customer arrives, the system simply and automatically retrieves the requested prescriptions and delivers the completed order to the customer kiosk. Secure RFID tracking is also integrated into the delivery system.

The Kiosk accepts payment that is routed through the pharmacy PoS system. The kiosk also accepts paper prescriptions and routes them directly to the pharmacy server. Once the prescription order is delivered to the customer, the pharmacy server is notified of the update.

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